Communication is Dynamic!

Extraordinary sessions with a speech-language pathologist.

Grounded Mobility, LLC provides a stable foundation for communication with speech and language pathology, evaluation, and treatment services that utilize a variety of dynamic therapy tools to engage the human body systems for positive functional outcomes.

Grounded Mobility offers speech and language screenings, evaluations, and treatment sessions in: 

New York

854 West 181st Street, NYC, New York 10033


New Jersey

40 Fort Lee Road, Leonia, New Jersey 07605



Grounded Mobility's Founder

Meredith S. Bazaar, MA, CCC-SLP is an ASHA-Certified, NJ and NY State Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist. She has evaluated and treated individuals of all ages with a wide range of diagnoses and disorders. Her career has spanned clinics, hospitals, day programs, schools, and residential settings.  

Meredith has specialized training in PROMPT I and II, Kaufman Speech Praxis Treatment, Beckman Oral-Motor, Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT), Astronaut Training Protocol, executive function protocols, and vocal cord dysfunction strategies. 

Meredith is the past President of the American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. (AHA), a Coordinating Faculty AHA Instructor, and a nationally recognized educator and  speaker. She has presented at international conferences, guest lectured at universities and colleges, conducted training seminars, and supervised graduate students. 

Meredith is a member of the American Hippotherapy Certification Board (AHCB), a Board-Certified Hippotherapy Clinical Specialist (HPCS), and a Certified AntiGravity®  Fundamentals 1 & 2 Instructor.  She received a BA in Speech and Hearing from The George Washington University and a MA in Speech and Language Pathology from Northwestern University. Meredith is a loving wife and mother of 2 children, Sylvie and Arlo.

Contact Us

Telephone or text: 

(201) 306-9818



Who We Serve

Grounded Mobility serves both pediatric and adult populations with a variety of diagnoses, including, but not limited to:

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Cerebral Palsy

Traumatic Brain Injury

Cerebral Vascular Accident

Developmental Delays

Vocal Cord Dysfunction

Parkinson’s Disease

Seizure Disorders

Down Syndrome

Grounded Mobility provides evaluation and treatment for the following areas of communication, including, but not limited to:



Oral Motor Functions


Voice & Vocal Parameters

Cognition & Executive Functions

Higher-Level Language

Pragmatic Language & Social Skills

Expressive Language

Semantics & Syntax

Comprehension & Processing


Feeding, Swallowing, & Dysphagia

Fluency & Stuttering

Augmentative & Alternative Communication

What Our Clients Say

“Meredith Bazaar, CCC-SLP, has worked with our son Connor, who is diagnosed with verbal and oral apraxia, for the past 1½ years. In addition to dealing with apraxia, Meredith has successfully managed our child’s heavy sensory integration, anxiety, and behavioral issues. Our son is motivated to work hard to improve his speech and language skills primarily due to Meredith’s positive outlook and her innovative and creative approaches, which make therapy sessions productive and enjoyable. We are pleased with the progress Connor has made with Meredith and feel very fortunate to have her as a vital member of our son’s therapy team.”

“Meredith has been working with our daughter for nearly a year. During that time, her speech improved dramatically as did her confidence in communicating with others. Meredith was truly a key factor in bringing her out of her shell. Not only has she helped our daughter, she has provided our family with the necessary tools to continue therapy at home. It’s hard to pinpoint which of Meredith’s qualities make her such an amazing teacher. Her rapport with my daughter is amazing, she is thorough, knowledgeable, patient, genuine, kind, and always cheerful. I wholeheartedly recommend her she has made such a positive difference in my daughter’s life!”

"We have noticed a big difference in Victoria’s language skills since we started working with Meredith. Victoria was diagnosed with PDD-NOS when she was three and her biggest challenge is limited expressive language. The combination of equine movement and speech therapy has been a great help – Victoria loves her sessions and her focus seems so much better. Victoria is now able to put together sentences as opposed to just expressing ‘one word’ needs. We are so fortunate that we do a shared session with another student so not only does Victoria learn how to communicate but she also develops social skills. A win-win for all of us! Meredith means so much to our family – she has truly made a difference in Victoria’s and our lives!”

“Timothy was selected to do the First Reading at his First Holy Communion. He got up in front of a completely packed Church, people were out the door, and read perfectly. Every word was clear, his tone and volume were perfect, and he spoke with complete confidence. We are so proud of him. Not many people realize how hard he has worked and how many people have helped him along the way and I can’t help but think of and appreciate all of those people. We are so thankful that you were such an instrumental part of his development with language and behavior. You were the first therapist that really reached him, I felt like we wasted a lot of time before we met you. Everything started to click, slowly, after his sessions with you. I really want to just say thank you so much for helping Timothy and our family! He’s come so far!”